CLOG CAM: This $3 drain unclogging fix did the trick

CLOG CAM: This $3 drain unclogging fix did the trick


Unclogging a drain can seem like a small project, but it makes a big difference. Dave Parker with E.R. Services explains a quick fix to get your flow back. All you need is a few dollars!

Tip #1: Grab a hair snake

Long and flexible, hair snakes are an easy tool to use to help quickly unclog a drain. Dave recommends the Zip-It Drain Snake. While there are many kinds of hair snakes to choose from, the simplest version can be found at your local home improvement store generally for under $5. We found a hair snake at Lowe’s for under $3.

Hair drain snake, Source:

Tip #2: Grab the cleaning supplies

You’ll need gloves before you start the process and paper towels for when you’re done! Snaking the tool down the drain is easy but messy. That’s the point, right? A little planning beforehand will help make clean-up easy when you’ve retrieved all of the drain junk.

Bonus tip: Don’t lose anything!

If you have to unscrew a drain cover, make sure you set them aside for later in a safe spot. Losing a screw down the drain during the unclogging process is annoying but preventable!

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