Three Courses: Annual wine list, plated pop-ups, creating Supperland’s shrimp cocktail

Unpretentious Palate, a Charlotte-based magazine reviewing the best restaurants in the QC, and Supperland joins the show

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - Want to know about some of the best restaurants in the Queen City? Take some food advice from this Charlotte digital publication, Unpretentious Palate.

Kristen Wile of Unpretentious Palate joined QC Morning to talk about this week’s three courses:

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Course 1: Wine Spectator’s Annual Wine List

Course 2: Plated Pop-Ups

Course 3: Supperland’s shrimp cocktail, made by Chef Chris Rogienski

Unpretentious Palate is hosting a new series called Plated Pop-Ups, the first coming up on July 22 at Whitehead Manor. The idea is to promote and highlight talented chefs that aren’t in sit-down restaurants and give them a chance to show off in a coursed setting.