Teaching a child how to read

Parents and grandparents should follow the ABCs of reading.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - Tuesday is National Read A Book Day, and if you’ve got little ones running around that are still learning how to read, we got some help.

Elyse Berrier is the program coordinator for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. She talked about ways parents and grandparents can help their child learn how to read.

She said to let your child participate in selecting the books they want to read, as it will help create a reader who loves reading.

Then, following the ABCs of active reading:

  • A - Ask questions (combination of basic story questions and open-ended questions)
  • B - Build vocabulary (teach your child words they do not know)
  • C - Connect to the child’s world (relate the book to your child’s life, experiences, or to other books they have read)

Berrier also went through resources that are available to help parents teach their children how to read.

Hear more of her tips by watching the video above.

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