Making food look picture perfect

There’s a lot that goes into making food look gorgeous on a page.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - There is less than a week now until the WBTV Family Recipes Cookbook goes on sale. This collection of delicious dishes comes from some of Charlotte’s best chefs, and WBTV anchors and meteorologists.

Professional chefs make their livings on getting recipes just right but for us “TV people,” most of the recipes are hand-me-downs with a little of this and a little of that. And that’s where the team at Johnson and Wales University stepped in to help us out!

You can see all the pictures for yourself next week.

The cookbook goes on sale Nov. 15. You can only get it at Paper Skyscraper and Park Road Books.

They’re $30 each and $25 from each book goes to The Bulb and the Johnson & Wales Scholarship Fund.

WBTV Web Staff

WBTV Web Staff

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