Understanding the signs and solutions to identify and prevent bullying

Often times, the signs of bullying can be difficult to detect, and even harder to stop.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - For many people, bullying can leaving a lasting - and damaging - effect, especially when it goes on for long periods of time or is left unchecked.

In today’s world, bullying often happens through a screen, which can make it difficult to trace. It also though continues to happen in person. Either way, the effects of bullying on a person can take a toll.

To help prevent such behavior, Cossandra Miller of Safe Haven Children and Family Counseling Services, joined the show to discuss the signs of bullying, and also to offer tips to stop it from happening.

One of her tips, perhaps the most crucial one, is that if a person sees an act of bullying going on, it needs to be reported immediately.

For more information, watch our segment above.

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