Trauma therapist, author hopes to help those dealing with troubling times

We sat down with Kobe Campbell in an effort to better understand trauma.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - What is trauma? What is a trauma therapist? Those are the answers Kobe Campbell, a licensed trauma therapist and author, is answering.

Campbell is an award-winning licensed trauma therapist, author, and speaker who’s releasing her debut book, Why Am I Like This?: How to Break Cycles, Heal From Trauma, and Restore Your Faith

“The book offers a deeper understanding of what trauma and healing really are and how our trauma shows up in our everyday lives. With tender wisdom, rare vulnerability, and profound honesty, Kobe empowers readers to step into healing and joy through therapeutic, evidence-based coping skills and resources,” Campbell said.

We sat down with Campbell in an effort to better understand trauma.

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