What to know before taking your child to the eye doctor

Dr. Rachel Wruble joins us to talk eye exams and the difference between contacts and glasses.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - Many families are gearing up to take their children to the doctor for their annual checkups.

While many children receive vision screenings at school, Dr. Rachel Wruble told us the importance of taking them to the doctor to receive a comprehensive eye exam.

Whether they are playing a game on an iPad, doing their homework or reading a book as children grow they use their eyes more and more.

Identifying vision problems is vital. The American Optometric Association says about one in four children have some type of vision disorder that needs to be diagnosed and treated.

Many parents lean toward glasses and contacts to help their children with their vision problems. While some may be skeptical of letting their kids use contacts at an early age, Wruble says contacts can be very beneficial, especially to children participating in sports.

She notes that glasses can be difficult when you are moving around a lot. She says contacts can also better benefit their peripheral vision.

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Faith Alford

Faith Alford

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