How to achieve the perfect back-to-school photo

Moments by Heather Edmunds & Company gives parents tips on how to create that forever moment.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - With students returning to school, many parents are snapping a photo before they start their new journey.

These photos will be around forever. Here’s how to make them look professional:

  • Find the perfect supplies and outfits. This shows off their personal style while creating the confidence they need to showcase that genuine smile on the first day
  • Make the lighting perfect. Do not use flash, this way you avoid squinty eyes. Try to avoid those weird shadows that are created by trees. Go to a place with a solid background, that doesn’t have many distractions
  • Let the pose show off their personality. Try to avoid asking them to do poses that make them uncomfortable and create those weird angles. Capture them in moments where their personality is shining, and they are comfortable
  • Use props. Simply adding an apple, backpack, or even including their neighborhood friend will help elevate the photo
  • Create a tradition. First-day-of signs are very popular but you can even include their favorite sport or even keep it old school with the oversized graduation shirt

Photographer Heather Edmunds joined us for more on how to get those perfect back-to-school photos.

Faith Alford

Faith Alford

Faith Alford joined the WBTV News Morning Team as a reporter/MMJ in January of 2023.