HEALED AND RESTORED: Hope for Healing Gala

Proceeds from the gala will go toward building a new home for women who have experienced trauma.

FORT MILL, S.C. (QC Life) Sexual abuse, while being an uncomfortable topic, is an experience many women have been victims of. One in 5 girls is a victim of child sexual abuse which increases the likelihood of victimization in adulthood. And for those who have experienced abuse, it can dramatically impact their normal life.

Healed and Restored is an organization with solutions to empower and guide victims in their healing to transform female victims of trauma and assault into strong survivors who positively impact the world.

The organization, founded by Ezra Spaedy, has a mission to create a “healing home” where women will reside, for a period of time, while getting much-needed help that will lead to healing the effects of their deep traumas. Currently, Healed and Restored is focusing on finding local young women who have experienced trauma.

This is done through relationships with other ministries, clergy, and through social media. Healed and Restored offers women a path to healing by way of therapy sessions, at no cost to the client, and with healing-focused retreats, both locally and in other states.

Healed and Restored invites victims of sexual abuse to the Hope for Healing Gala. The event will be held from 5:30-9 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 23 at St. Matthew’s New Life Center. The organization hosts a number of activities including fellowship, cocktail hour, catered dinner, and silent auctions.

The event will be highlighted this year’s speaker; actress, TV host and author of “Master of the Pieces,” Joelle Maryn.

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