Charlotte Black Restaurant Week celebrates city’s diverse food culture

The event has been highlighting Black restaurants and culture since 2017.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - There are many amazing restaurants around Charlotte. One week is looking to celebrate those that are Black-owned.

Charlotte Black Restaurant Week (CBRW) launched in 2017, showcasing 24 Black-owned restaurants. The event was patronized by over 40,000 people and was featured in over 75 articles both locally and nationwide, reaching over 2 million people on Facebook. It also had an impact on the economy, with $750,000 exchanged during the week-long event.

CBRW launched in 2017 during a time when Black-owned Restaurants were closing at an alarming rate. October has been set as the official month CBRW would be held, due to the organization seeing an increase in closings during and after the month. This is used to give restaurants a much-needed boost going into the winter months.

Since their installment, CBRW has helped put a stop to back-back restaurant closings and we are now seeing a huge increase in new restaurants.

CBRW is Open to all. Although it amplifies Black-owned restaurants, it encourages all locals & visitors to patronize black-owned restaurants.

Cathay Dawkins, founder and CEO of Black Business Owners Corp, joined QC Life to talk about the event happening throughout this week.

WBTV Web Staff

WBTV Web Staff

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