3 Courses: Liquor shortage across the county, dinner at Jimmy Pearls, Mexican pizza at Intermezzo

If you’ve been out to eat, ordered a cocktail and they weren’t able to make it because they didn’t have the liquor, you’re not alone.

You may have heard about the liquor shortage. WBTV has done several stories about it on the news side.

Kristen Wile with Unpretentious Palate joins us for 3 Courses, including what Meck ABC is doing to counter the liquor shortage. This will feature direct shipments, which allows ABC to skip sending things to Raleigh for some brands.

She also talks about a crab-cracking dinner called ‘Ode to Virginia Soul’ that Jimmy Pearls is putting on. Proceeds will benefit an upcoming African botanical gardens at Nebedye Farms.

Finally, Mexican pizza is available Intermezzo Pizzeria. It’s one of the entries on this list of underrated pizzas!

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