3 Courses With Unpretentious Palate: CLT Restaurant Scene

Unpretentious Palate shares three new things happening with the Charlotte restaurant scene.

While things may not be back to normal, the restaurant scene in Charlotte is certainly coming back to life. We caught up with Kristen Wile, with Unpretentious Palate to talk about 3 new things you need to check out in the Queen City. 

Three Courses with Unpretentious Palate:

Course 1: Ghost Kitchens

  • Ghost kitchen is a trend happening in restaurants everywhere. The point of a ghost kitchen is that there isn’t a physical restaurant that you can go to. They only popup online and you can order through a website or delivery apps. The idea of this comes from cutting down labor costs.
  • Scratch House Chicken, owned by Chef Chris Coleman is one of the restaurants in Charlotte participating in this trend.

Course 2: Don’t miss the Mezcal Julius at Grinning Mule

  • This is a drink you don’t want to miss. It’s a Bob Peters creation, meant to taste like the Orange Julius from the Dairy Queen on Central Avenue. Kristen tells us it’s basically an adult version of an Orange Julius, with the smokiness from the Mezcal but it also has a creaminess to it.

Course 3: Virtual Happy Hour with Justin Hazelton

  • This is an event you don’t want to miss! Kristen tells us these virtual happy hours have been going on for a while. They’re a way to bring in revenue and provides interaction for people who are still staying inside. Justin Hazelton is the mixologist at Leah & Louise. He will be making juke joint cocktails and sharing about the forgotten black bartenders in our history.