3 Hug Alumni Receiving A Second Grant

Helping artists and creatives around the city are getting a big HUG. These are helpful unfettered gifts… and the money can really go a long way. Matt Olin and Tim Miner with Charlotte is Creative call these special gifts HUG grants. You can learn more about these grants 👇

Funding Creativity in the Queen City

During the pandemic, Charlotte is Creative received money from the COVID-19 Response Fund to use towards HUG grants. Using some of the money, Tim and Matt found a way to create a new project to help HUG alumni. These are people who have received HUG grants before and used their money in the best way they knew how. Now, these alumni can apply for a $1,000 HUG.

Tim and Matt have picked the first 3 HUG alumni and they joined us on QC Morning to tell us how they made their picks.

Do Greater Foundation:

Do Greater Foundation

  • Do Greater Foundation received their first $250 HUG micro-grant in 2019.
  • They used their money to buy the first iPad for their CRTV Lab. (Watch the video above to learn more about this mobile classroom)
  • Do Greater Foundation has decided to use this new HUG grant to buy a wireless broadband modem that can reach up to 300 feet in any direction. This means they will be able to teach socially distanced training sessions inside and out.

If you’d like to help this foundation reach its financial goals or donate your time, you’ll find more information, here!

Bree Stallings:

  • Bree Stallings is a multimedia artist, illustrator, writer, art instructor, and community activist.
  • She has received two HUG grants.
  • She used the first one to create an interactive tic-tac-toe game. This game invites people to confront historic facts about how Southern cities and states profit from continued segregation. You can now see it on display at the Harvey B. Gantt Museum for African Americans Arts + Culture.
  • In 2019, she received the second grant. This time she used it to buy supplies for a new exhibition she was working on. The work of art was called, “Where I’m From”. It was about family mythos, body image, and housing insecurities and was showcased at C3 Lab. Her installation was viewed by over 400 people and it won best exhibition of the year from QC Nerve.
  • Bree plans to use her $1,000 grant to create a public art project with students and volunteers at Time Out Youth.

If you’d like to follow along with Bree’s creative journey or find more information about how to donate to her cause, check out her website or follow her on social media:

Bree’s website: http://www.breestallings.com/

She Built This City

Virtual Shop Classes

  • She Built This City used its first grant to help create a “mobile mural” on the exterior of their POWher mobile lab. The mural was painted by Charlotte artist Sharon Dowell. Learn more about this mobile lab by watching the video above.
  • The new funds will go towards a new gardening and farming program.

You can donate, here.

Follow She Built This City on social: