3 Hurdles Female Entrepreneurs Face In Their First Year Of Business

Author and business expert Cassandra D’Alessio joined the QC@3 crew to discuss her new book, This Won’t Be Pretty: First-Year Lessons for the Female Entrepreneur. She says there are three hurdles female entrepreneurs often face in the first year of business. Here are the tips that can help:


a. Create a schedule – Establish office hours, and set time aside for self-care.

b. Finances – Get support on taxes, bookkeeping, and invoicing.

c. Find your support group – Loneliness can be a major problem for female entrepreneurs. Surround yourself with supportive family members and friends.


D’Alessio also says the Charlotte business community is especially embracing of female entrepreneurs. Sexism, in the traditional sense, may not be a major hurdle in the QC. Still, she says female entrepreneurs have to be bold and courageous in their entrepreneurial endeavors. 


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