3 Letter-Writing Tips

How many handwritten letters have you sent out this year?

If you can’t physically be with some of your loved ones this holiday season – you can still let them know you care. Maybe it’s your chance to send a handwritten letter. Good Postage is an illustrated paper goods company run by a mother-daughter duo here in Charlotte. Founders Jane Manfredi & Karen Manfredi joined us on QC@3 with 3 letter writing tips.  

3 letter writing tips:

  • Take the pressure off – the letter doesn’t have to be too long unless you want it to be. You can simply say I’m thinking about you, I love you. The important thing is that you’re sending a letter and that it will bring the recipient joy.
  • Don’t forget the envelope – remember to create a cute envelope. Add stickers or use different color markers to write the recipient’s address.
  • Add a small gift – think about something the person would like to receive. It could be their favorite tea bag or a pack of seeds to plant.

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