3 Things To Make You Smile With Charlotte is Creative

Smiling is our favorite!

We could all use a little positively in our lives, a chance to stop, step away from the negativity and just smile. Our friends, Tim and Matt with Charlotte is Creative joined us via Zoom. They’re always spreading positively wherever they go. They stopped by today with three things to make us smile.

3 Things to Make You Smile:

  1. Art Trade Program by Brand the Moth – This idea was made for all types of artists: photographers, muralists, poets, writers, etc. The rules are to create a piece of art on something the size of postcard, mail it in to Brand the Moth by April 10th and then the art will be traded among the different artists. This is just a way for everyone to stay in touch and keep the positive vibes going.
  2. Music Anywhere Concerts from CCCP – A lot of events are being cancelled during this time, some of those include concerts by local artists. This concept was put together so that you can experience and support local shows all in one place!
  3. These insanely cool new CLT shirts designed by “King Carla” – Carla is a local photographer, artist, art teacher for CMS. She has created a really cool design for t-shirts, coffee mugs, you name it. Her design features the names of different Charlotte neighborhoods in her handwriting. Her idea is that you need to start planning on what you’re going to wear after quarantine. So, grab one of her shirts to wear when that time comes.