3 tips for organizing for spring

The tradition has been around since the 1800s, when spring cleaning was necessary to get rid of soot from winter fires.
Cultural and religious beliefs also play a factor: For example, some Christian faiths observe a cleaning ritual before Good Friday, which is this Friday.
Here are three things to know as you start organizing for spring, courtesy of Anne Steppe, the owner and lead organizer of Step by Steppe Solutions:
Have a plan and create a strategy for success: You don’t just go on vacation without knowing where to stay, do you? Analyze your space, look at your goals, and know where you want to be when you get to the end of the time you’ve spent organizing and cleaning.
Have the proper supplies on hand: This extends beyond cleaning supplies. Make sure you have bags for trash, boxes and bags for recycling, for what you want to donate, figure out how many hangers you need, etc.
Schedule to have your donations picked up and trash hauled off: If you go ahead and make the appointments and put them in your calendar, you have that accountability to actually have the excess stuff lying around removed.