8 Cute Charlotte Pets That Need Adopting Right Now

If you haven’t heard, WBTV is teaming up with the organization Charlotte Black Dogs for “Paws in the Park.” It’s a great, (free!) family weekend event held every year at Pineville Lake Park. This year, it’s on April 6, 2019, from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. Here are some photos of dogs (and a parrot!) featured at the event that are in need of forever home right now.

8. Dottie

This is Dottie! She’s four years old and loves naps right beside her person. (Who doesn’t, honestly!) Her foster describes her as ten pounds of sugar in a five-pound box (😍). Here’s more info on how you can adopt her.

Dottie (Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue)

7. Phoebe

Pheobe is a 25-year-young female Umbrella Cockatoo! She’s quick to make new friends and loves getting head scratches (Again, who doesn’t?!). Email info@companionparrots.org for more adoption info.

Phoebe (Companion Parrots Re-homed)

6. Marley

Marley may be 7-years-old, but he’s active for his age! He loves to exercise and you’ll for sure get lost in those big brown eyes. More info at adopt@StartingOverAnimalRescue.net.

Marley (Starting Over Animal Rescue)

5. Piti Minaj

Watch out, Nicki! Piti is a sweet 4-year-old pocket pit who is great with other dogs, cats, and kids. She loves naps and taking drives to Starbucks for a pup-a-cino (or two!) She’s special needs (deaf), but you can find out more information about her here.

Piti Manaj (Life on Paws Rescue)

4. Delilah

“Deliiiilahhh…” is 8-months-old! She loves snuggles, people, and looking up at you with those big eyes. Email roversrescuenretreat@gmail.com, if you’re interested in adoption.

Delilah (Rover's Retreat & Rescue)

3. Duchess

Duchess lives up to her name and is looking for a kingdom! She’s 9-years-old and wants to sleep on the sofa and cuddle with you. Click here for more information about her.

Duchess (Great Danes Friends of Ruff Love)

2. Loretta

Loretta is sweet and outgoing, but not a cat-lover! She loves stuffed animals and is around 3-years-old. For more info, email griffink9rescue@yahoo.com.

Loretta (Griffin K9 Rescue)

1. Annie

Annie will melt your heart and will become your new Netflix-watching pal! She loves snuggling on the couch and is 3-years-old. For more information on adoption, click here.

Annie (South of the Bully & Friends Rescue)

See you at “Paws in the Park” on April 6th!