83-year-old wood carver creates masterpieces at his home in Rock Hill

If you happened to drive past one man’s home in York County – you might find him out on the porch.

83-year-old Cameron Rogers appears to enjoy life at a slower pace. But if you venture into his workshop, you see his hands – and his mind – move fast.

QC@3’s Jordan Sawyers showed us why he has a gift he wants to share.

Rain or shine, the man is keeping watch from the porch.

Cameron Rogers, known to friends as “Cam”, lives his golden years as simple as can be. But don’t be fooled – Cam himself is anything but simple.

He stays busy – REALLY busy.

Cam began making crafts at a young age.

For nearly half the day he says he is working in the shop at the back of his home – creating his masterpieces. Some of which are wooden shadow boxes.

His woodwork, puzzles and paintings have all one common theme – nature. Makes sense for a guy who at one point raised more than 300 birds. Today he is down to one.

As he nears 84 he may not move like he used to, but rest assured, he will get the job done. “Sick day” does not seem to be in his vocabulary.

If you happen to drive by and see him sitting on the front porch, take it as a sign the man sitting in peace is already thinking of his next creation.

If you are looking to place an order with Mr. Rodgers you can by reaching out through his Facebook page – he takes special requests