A Look Inside The Innovation Barn

Reducing food waste, re-purposing plastic, and getting things out of landfills. That’s the goal of “The Innovation Barn.” Located in Charlotte’s Belmont neighborhood on Seigle Avenue, the ZERO-waste facility will soon open its doors to the Queen City. Word is, there’s nothing like it in the ENTIRE country. So why come to Charlotte, first? To tell us why we turn to Amy Aussieker. She’s the Executive Director of Envision Charlotte. Amy tells us Charlotte is an innovative, creative, and dynamic city looking to do better by reducing their admissions and keeping things out of landfills. She says that it makes sense to bring this to Charlotte.  

The project will include: 

  • Full-service restaurant
    • Zero waste
    • Locally sourced ingredients
    • Teaching kitchen to address food waste
  • Locally sourced craft beer bar
    • Zero waste
    • All local beers
    • Products using spent hops
  • Coffee Shop
    • Zero waste
    • Locally sourced
    • Products using coffee grinds
  • Event Space
    • Host to events – zero waste
    • Capacity up to 500
  • Office Space
    • Envision Charlotte offices
    • Non-profits that fit within Circular Economy model offices
  • Retail Space
    • Products that are within the Circular Economy
  • Innovation/Entrepreneur Space
    • Space for innovations using resources from Charlotte’s waste stream
    • Space for entrepreneurs to explore the circular economy and develop products/companies and jobs
  • Programming
    • Partnerships with local universities on various parts of the Circular Economy, Aquaponic Gardens, Soldier Fly Composter, classes
    • Corporate partnerships for product development and education

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