Actress Alicia Witt to hold album release show in Charlotte

Everyone knows Alicia Witt as a talented actress as they have seen her everywhere. She has been working since the age of 7 when she was discovered and cast in “Dune “with Sting.

It was also at that time that music teachers began to take notice of her and call her a musical prodigy. As a teen, she moved to the Las Angeles area and began playing at the famed Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

In her first movie was with Sting, she played Madonna’s girlfriend at 19 in four rooms and sang with Randy Newman on Ally McBeal. And at the age of 7, was considered a musical prodigy for her piano playing.

Many people know her from so many shows and movies including Two Weeks Notice, Sybil, Nashville, the Walking Dead, Hallmark movies and so much more.

But here’s where Alicia is now. She now lives in Nashville and she just released two singles off her upcoming album, “The Conduit”. Her second single “Chasing Shadows” was second most-added at adult contemporary radio this week.

The Conduit was released on Sept. 24.

She also released her book “Small Changes” on Oct. 5. The book is a lifestyle read that can guide people to make small changes to help them out.

Witt’s fall tour started Oct. 1 with an Oct. 8 show at the Evening Muse in Charlotte.