Author Hopes To Help Kids Build Confidence

Local author writes children's book "You've Got Gifts".

A local author is on a mission to help kids realize what makes them unique. Kristin Sherry just wrote “You’ve Got Gifts!” and now wants to get it in the hands of local kids. She joined us on QC@3 to talk about why she wrote this book. Kristin tells us she’s always helped adults and never imagined she could help children until a friend of hers convinced her that she could. Kristin started noticing that so many adults had confidence problems. She tells us when she would share their strengths with them, they would tell her that as a child they were told these were bad things. For example, curious kids were considered mischievous and kids who liked to take things apart were told they were destructive. Kristin tells us it’s important to help kids while they are still confident and feel they can conquer the world.