Autism Charlotte teams with 704 Shop to create new T-shirts supporting cause

Autism Charlotte is teaming up with 704 Shop to raise money and awareness about an important cause: Autism.

Valerie Isaiah, CEO of Autism Charlotte, says autism affects a larger sector of the community than most people understand.

To educate the public and to launch a regional conversation, Autism Charlotte and 704 Shop launched a t-shirt design competition.

Chris Moxley is co-owner of 704 Shop.  He says creating a shirt for Autism Charlotte was a passion project.

Chris and his team guided a group of students through a t-shirt design competition.

Students created artwork with the hope of having their designs featured on an Autism Charlotte t-shirt.

The winners crafted beautiful and thought-provoking designs.

Proceeds from the t-shirts will benefit Autism Charlotte and the work the organization does in the community.