Bakari Sellers Releases ‘My Vanishing Country’

Bakari Sellers’s new book, 'My Vanishing Country', chronicles one man’s journey through the South

CNN analyst, attorney, and South Carolina native, Bakari Sellers has written a new book. It’s called ‘My Vanishing Country’. Bakari shared  details about the book with the QC@3 team.

The book is part memoir and part cultural critique. It chronicles Bakari’s journey from childhood through his tenure as the youngest person to be elected to the South Carolina legislature, and beyond.

The political analyst also shared his father’s sojourn as a Civil Rights activist alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. and Stokely Carmichael with the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. Bakari says his book tells the story of the South through the lens of South Carolina’s past, present, and future.