Big Brother Is Back

What is your favorite part of Big Brother?

If you’re not familiar with Big Brother, it involves 16 people living in one house, trying to win half a million dollars. The houseguests are watched around the clock with more than 90 cameras and over 100 microphones. So how can 16 people live in a house during a pandemic?
Cheryl Brayboy caught up with the host of the show, Julie Chen to talk about what changes are coming to the show. Julie tells us if you think about it Big Brother is the original quarantine. She says because of the pandemic, they flew the contestants down to L.A., rented houses for them to stay in. They each got tested and tonight the best of the sixteen will go into the house. Julie also told us what the house will look like inside and how some of the games will be played. 

Big Brother airs tonight, August 5th on WBTV!