Birthday pie is the perfect treat for someone’s special day

We’ve all had birthday cake, but what about birthday pie?

Whether pie or cake, we’ve been eating a delicious baked good to celebrate one’s special day for hundreds of years!

It’s believed the tradition of giving kids cake on their birthdays was created in Germany in the middle ages. Then in the 17th century, the upper-class started doing layers and decorating with icing and flowers.

By the 18th century, food and baking utensils became more affordable so the price of cakes went down and demand went up.

As for the birthday candles, one theory is that that tradition started in ancient Greece.

The Greeks would make round cakes in honor of Artemis, the moon goddess. The lit candles represented the glow of the moon, while the smoke carried their prayers and wishes to the gods.

Another theory is that it started in Germany, with the candle representing the light of life.

Sure, we’ve been talking about birthday cake, but as we previously mentioned … birthday pie!

Mary Jane Wilson, the owner of Thoughtful Baking Co., was in the kitchen this morning to make this tasty treat!

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