Divine Barrel Brewing’s Black Is Beautiful Beer Is Ready

A beer that will support equality and inclusion is ready to taste at Divine Barrel Brewing.

You might remember this story. About a month ago, we told you about hundreds of breweries around the world are taking part in the Black is Beautiful Initiative. It’s to support people of color and the proceeds of the beer will support equality and inclusion. Almost 30 breweries in our area are taking part and we caught up with Divine Barrel Brewing to see their process. So now the beer is ready! It’s a 100% Imperial Stout described as being rich, thick, and decadent, while boasting notes of milk & baker’s chocolate! You can pick it up now and the sales will go to NC Ignite, which helps local youth through leadership training on a variety of human issues. Jordan Sawyers picked some up for Kristen and Cheryl to taste. 


If you need a refresher on this story: Local Brewery Takes Part In The Black Is Beautiful Initiative