No one wants boring bookshelves. Here are 3 styling tips to help yours.

Bookshelves have the potential to make a great statement piece in a house if they’re styled the right way. But what is the “right way” and how do you take those steps to style if you’re not an interior designer? Today, bookshelves aren’t just for books!

It turns out, the decorating process isn’t as intimidating as you might think and it all boils down to your personality and showcasing things that make you happy. Our expert Jennifer Felt, Owner of Habitude Interiors, shares a few tips to help you get started.

Books, Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

Tip #1: Use a variety of objects from around your house 

Don’t completely forget about the books… The first step is finding large coffee table books and also those smaller, hardback novels that you love. Then, add in other elements like plants (real or faux), pottery, vases, and bowls. Also, use photos and artwork for your shelves. Jennifer says a great way to showcase local artists is by buying their “mini” works of art and displaying them as well.

Tip #2: Finding a variety of object sizes

You’re looking to fill up space when styling your shelves. That means finding different sized objects! Things that are big, things that are small, taller objects will all help you fill up that “visual space” in your bookcase.

boring bookshelves
A table with a variety of objects for a bookshelf, Source: Habitude Interiors

Tip #3: Create a cohesive look 

Jennifer says that if you grab a bunch of random objects that your shelves will end up looking… random! The colors and the finishes of the different items you choose will help create the cohesion you’re looking to achieve. Pick a color scheme and run with it. Your eyes will thank you later!

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