Calder’s journey from puppy to service dog

Do you remember Calder? He spent a year with the Charlotte Checkers as part of his training to become a service dog and we’ve been following his journey.

Here’s a little backstory. We first met him a couple of years ago when he was just a pup! He was so cute! He’s named after the championship trophy handed out in the American Hockey League. An organization called Project 2 Heal usually provides well-bred puppies to other groups for training. They decided Calder would be the first dog they would train in-house. To get used to all kinds of conditions, he would spend time at practice and games and hockey fans fell in love.

Well now, Calder is all grown up and he is ready to take on his job full time! The best part? Calder has a new dad just as adventurous as he is!

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