Can Meditation & Stretching Alleviate Stress? The Creator of RAQfit Wellness Says, ‘Yes’!

A group is focusing on wellness during the pandemic

We’ve been locked inside for a couple of months now. In the meantime, droves of people have stepped away from their regular work out routines.  In addition, some are feeling increased anxiety associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. RAQfit Wellness founder, Raquel Lowe, appeared on QC@3 to discuss the mental and physical health benefits associated with stretching, meditation, and diet. 

In recent weeks, Raquel has offered new stretching and meditation classes on the  RAQfit Wellness Facebook Group page. She also has posted some delicious plant-based meal ideas. Raquel says interest in wellness has increased during these challenging times. Check out RAQfit Wellness – Fit, Fine, and Beautiful group on Facebook or RAQfitWellness on Instagram.