Carolina Camera: Remembering Will Young of Concord

Do you have a favorite Carolina Camera story? There have been hundreds and we’d be hard-pressed to say which one was my favorite.
But one that stands out because of its simplicity and wonderful photography and editing, involved a very humble man who was receiving special recognition. His name was Will Young and he lived in Concord.

Back in the late 1980s, 1st Presbyterian Church built a multi-million dollar addition to the church and named it in Mr. Young’s honor.  Mr. Young wasn’t someone who contributed vast sums of money to the church…he wasn’t a longstanding member. Actually, Mr. Young had been the church custodian for 60 years.  He started when he was just 15 years old.

Then Pastor Jim Holderness said Mr. Young embodied the Christian spirit.  He said greatness was not defined as many people think, but rather it’s defined by our service to others.  And that was how Mr. Young lived his life…in service to others.

Mr. Young worked at the church for ten more years after we first did that story. He retired in 1999  when he was 95 years old and had been at the church for 70 years.  Again, not as a member, but as the custodian.
Of course, he has since passed away, but his legacy of service and dedication certainly lives on.

Today, the Will Young building is used primarily to house the award-winning 1st Kids Preschool…but is also used for various church events.


Remembering Will Young
Source: QC Life

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