Catawba County Library offers STEAM classes for adults

The Catawba County Library is offering STEAM classes aimed at the adult life-long learner. Stephanie Abbott, Librarian with the Catawba County Library System, joined the QC crew for a STEAM workshop designed for adults.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

The workshop is titled “How to Make a Marbleized Wine Glass.”

It’s a workshop that combines elements of chemistry (science) and elements of color theory (art).

Stephanie led our QC@3 team through the fun activity while educating the audience on the benefits of STEAM events.

Activities like Creating the marbleized wine glass, stimulate creative and analytical thinking. Adults learn to engineer solutions to real-world problems.

The wine glass workshop is one of many adult STEAM workshops the Catawba County Library is offering.

Others include creating natural dyes, the science of pickles,  local whiskey distillery tours,  manufacturing tours, and 3D printing.