Charlotte author wins inspirational award for debut children’s book

Cheryl Slebioda recently won a Living Now Book Award for her debut boo “Just Words Unless… A Kids’ Guide to Creating a Kinder World”.

She says it all started as a single small gift she made for my friend’s 9-year-old son.

When she was walking around her office with the book to show his dad, a few people stopped her and asked about it. They kept insisting she do something more with it.

Slebioda says their persistence is what made her pursue creating this.

Living Now Book Awards are given to authors who create books that strive for better living. Selection is based on authors who write inspirational and uplifting works that are deemed to enrich readers’ lives and promote global sustainability.

Slebioda’s book won in the Spirit category, which celebrates innovative and creative works that center around emotional and transcendent subjects.

“Just Words Unless…A Kids’ Guide to Creating a Kinder World” acknowledges the power of words and provides mini-life lessons and reflections for children, including space for readers to reflect and journal in each segment.