Charlotte Brewers Come Together For Court Only Shoes

Every year, brewers and beer lovers from around the Charlotte area come together at the Queen City Brewers Festival and help raise money for a great cause. But this year, instead of a festival, there’s a special beer. Nils Weldy is the director for Queen City Brewers Festival. He’s also the regional director for ACEing Autism. He joined us on QC Morning to tell us more about this new brew and where the money raised will go. Nils tells us this would have been the 10th year for the festival. Nils says because of the pandemic they had to do things differently. He says he came up with an idea to capture the spirit of the Charlotte brewery community through a collaborative beer. 

Nil tells us proceeds from this beer will go to help Charlotte’s ACEing Autism programs. Learn more about ACEing Autism:

Listen to the FULL interview to find out where you can try this delicious new 🥫 recipe!

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