Charlotte Event Planners Design Uptown Holiday Décor

You might spot a tree decorated on South Tryon street if you’re walking around Uptown Charlotte. An event planning team created some of the magic in Uptown after needing to pivot during COVID-19. Sikky Rogers and Angela Gala are the co-owners of Rogers & Gala Creative Partners. They joined us on QC@3 to explain how the change from events to decor happened. 
Sikky tells us they had been doing a couple of projects in Uptown before this, but then events started to get canceled. She tells us that’s when they decided to start decorating. Sikky says it has been a great experience.
Angela tells us everything they do is custom. She says all of the skills they use for event planning, they are using to decorate. She says they are trying to tell a story in event planning, and they’re trying to do the same thing with these holiday decorations.
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