Charlotte Is Creative Share 3 Things To Smile About

There are some really creative things happening right now in the QC. And you already know who we like to bring in to share these things with us. Tim Miner and Matt Olin from Charlotte is Creative! Let’s get started!

3 Things To Make You Smile: 

  • TARDIS mini-library: Have you seen these mini-libraries scattered around Charlotte? How fun! Matt tells us his favorite is on Grandin Ave, about a mile from WBTV. Check it out, here!
  • Jewel Pearson, Tiny House: Have you ever wanted to live in a tiny house? Jewel Pearson thought she’d simplify her life by building a tiny home, but it’s given her some big ideas about living simply and about affordable housing. Find out more, here!
  • Andres Echavarria, 365 Movies: We’re all watching more streaming video these days. Andres Echavarria was ahead of us all, watching more than 365 films last year. (Wow, that’s a lot of movies) You can learn about that experience and his up-to-the-minute reviews here. Tim and Matt tell us if you want to get lightning-quick reviews of Netflix and Amazon films almost immediately, he’s your man.

Oh and one more thing, another Tosco music party is happening on August 29th! Find out more, here!


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