Chocolate Tasting Class

What add-in should be included in a chocolate bar? Potato chips? Gummy bears?
There is a chocolate class you can take this month that is all about inclusions in dark and milk chocolate. Dr. Jessica Henderson is the founder of Chocolate Monkey. She joined us on QC@3 to talk more about this sweet delicious treat. Kristen and Cheryl also tasted a couple of different chocolates, each had a few unique ingredients. Dr. Henderson tells us these fancy chocolate are called craft chocolate. She says this means the chocolate makers process the cocoa beans to preserve their flavor. We also talked about inclusions. Dr. Henderson tells us inclusion means anything put into the chocolate that isn’t chocolate. She says there are two ways to make an inclusion bar. The first is to mix everything together so that the bar is still shiny. The second way to make an inclusion bar is to make the chocolate bar and then sprinkle the inclusions on the back of the bar.
Want to learn more about the world of chocolate, listen to find out when Dr. Henderson’s next class is.
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