Sticking chopsticks in plants to see if they need water


Keeping plants alive and healthy can be more challenging for some folks than others (myself included). Whether it’s remembering to water, watering too much, or how much light is in a room, there are a lot of factors when it comes to owning a houseplant and the attention they require.

But have no fear! Our virtual plant expert Alicia Martin of Plant Therapy in Charlotte talked with us about some helpful reminders for when it comes to keeping leaves green. Here are a few tips you can use:

Tip #1: Buy plants that don’t require a lot of attention

With so many plants available for purchase, you might not know where to start as a beginner plant-owner. Alicia says a couple of plants that don’t require a lot of attention are the ZZ plant and the snake plant. There are a couple of different varieties from which to choose and killing the plant in the process is tough! They’re a couple of great starters for new plant parents.

Tip #2: Set up easy reminders 

Pay your rent, water your plant – plain and simple. Monthly reoccurrences are a good way to help remind yourself to water your plant. Some don’t require water weekly, so whenever you pay for your home or car monthly will work for watering your plants.

Tip #3: Know when it’s time to water by using chopsticks

You can check how much water a plant has by using wooden chopsticks. Stick one down in the dirt of your potted plant. How much dirt sticks to the chopstick when you pull it back up can show you if it’s time to water or not. Here’s Alicia with more on how it’s done:¬†



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