“Classic Black” Exhibition Open At Mint Museum Randolph

New exhibition open now at local museum!

Here on QC@3, we like to be your source for what’s new in the Charlotte area. So that’s why we just had to check out an exhibit that just opened at Mint Museum Randolph. Check this out.
This exhibition features more than 100 black basalt sculpture pieces – and it’s the first show WORLDWIDE to focus on Josiah Wedgwood’s black basalt sculpture. Wedgwood was an English potter back in the 1700s. The sculptures represent figures from hundreds of years ago – from Socrates to Alexander the Great. And see the bright color on the walls? That’s another unique part of this exhibit. A Charlotte street artist and muralist known as “Owl” actually painted on the walls of the museum. Owl wanted to make sure she painted designs that helped the black basalt pieces pop.