Using vinegar, baby oil to clean kitchen appliances: Does it work?

Baby oil and vinegar; two things you find around the house but might not know could help clean kitchen appliances. With the holidays here, you may have house projects on the mind while you tidy-up to get ready for guests.

In today’s “Life Stuff”, we talk with expert Marc Titlebaum, Owner of Maid Brigade in Charlotte, to break down a couple of quick-cleaning tips (that are super affordable!).

Let’s go! 

Tip #1: Grab the vinegar

Typically under $2 at your local grocery store, the acid in the vinegar will help clean spills and splatters from the inside of the microwave. Combine 2 cups of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of water into a dish and place it in the microwave. Set the timer for 5 minutes and let it roll! The steam from the water and vinegar will join forces to line the walls of the appliance, allowing for an easy clean-up.

Tip #2: Baby oil helps clean stainless steel 

You may use baby oil for dry skin during cooler weather months, but did you know it can also help clean stainless steel? Marc says put a little on a microfiber cloth. If you wipe “with the grain” it’ll help remove those unwanted smudges on your appliances and leave them shiny again! Cleaning products can be expensive… Baby oil is typically under $5. Win!

Bonus Tip: What you need to know about microfiber cloths 

So, get your home ready for the holidays and save money with clean kitchen appliances! That’s a gift we can get behind.

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