Community Culinary School Of Charlotte’s Miracle On Monroe

This month you can treat yourself to a gourmet meal, that you can enjoy at home. YUM! Tell me more! By purchasing a meal, you support a culinary school right here in Charlotte. Even better! It’s part of the Miracles On Monroe fundraiser. This year’s event might look a little different. Sharon Watkins is Class 66 alumna at the Community Culinary School of Charlotte. Chef Rick Dudley was her bakery instructor. They joined us on QC Morning to give us all the details about this fundraiser. 
Chef Rick tells us the Community Culinary School of Charlotte is a nonprofit workforce development program that teaches at-risk people who want job training in the culinary industry. Sharon tells us this nonprofit has turned her dream of opening her own bakery and catering business into a reality. 
Usually, the Miracles on Monroe fundraiser is an in-person experience, but this year the event will be virtual. You can go online and order a delicious meal. The money raised will help benefit the Community Culinary School of Charlotte. There will also be a silent auction.
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