Count on Me CLT: 3 useful reminders to help slow the COVID spread

As we continue to try to slow the spread of COVID-19, a new local campaign is hoping to raise more awareness about the importance of doing your part.

Count on Me CLT

“Count on Me CLT” is a public service campaign that launched in Mecklenburg County geared at stressing the importance of following safety guidelines in public spaces and businesses.

Since May 8, 2020, North Carolina has been in Phase Two of the state reopening process. Count on Me CLT’s goal wants to help you do your part to slow the spread with three handy reminders; the 3 W’s.

What are the 3 W’s?¬†

Wear – Continue to wear your mask

Wait – Practice safe, social distancing at 6 feet from others

Wash – Wash your hands frequently to stop the spread of germs and use hand sanitizer


Count on Me CLT
Source: Charlotte Center City

“Count on Me CLT [was] designed to connect with…audiences to remove the stigma of wearing face coverings. The core message: you can count on me to protect you,” said campaign organizers.

With plenty of online resources, the campaign hopes you and your friends will continue to help slow the spread by representing why it’s so important to follow the rules and guidelines in place.

To learn more about this local initiative, visit

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