Creating A Personal Retreat

Local interior designer shares tips on how to turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa experience.

Sometimes you just need some time by yourself. By putting some extra attention into decorating your bathroom, you can create a space of your own to relax, even if just for a few minutes. Lauren Clement joined us on QC Morning with some tips on creating your very own personal retreat. Lauren says having our own spa, especially for stay at home moms or dads is very important for our mental health. Lauren says to start with lots of storage space in your bathroom. She says in order to feel relaxed in your space, you have to remove the clutter. Another tip Lauren shares, spending a little more on the essentials. She says when you think about your bathroom, you probably think about your bathtub first. Picking out the right tub can truly give you the spa experience you’ve been looking for. One last tip, choosing the right color palate. Lauren says you can add pops of color but you should start with neutrals.   


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