Creative in the QC: Southern Ladies Arm Wrestling

A local group of ladies is celebrating each others strengths by arm wrestling!

When you think about arm-wrestling what comes to mind? Maybe kids at school or big muscular guys trying to see who is stronger? Well here in Charlotte, there’s actually a group of women who will be going arm to arm tomorrow night at War of the Roses. We met up with the Southern Ladies Arm Wrestling League before their big match to see what this group is all about. We also sat down with our friend, Tim Miner with Charlotte is Creative today on QC Morning. He shared with us about how they found out about this amazing group of ladies and why they decided to give them a Hug Grant.*

*A Hug Grant is a $250 micro-grant given to people in the Charlotte area that are doing creative things.

Be sure to tune into QC@3 today, we’ll meet one of the women from the Southern Ladies Arm Wrestling League and she’ll battle it out with one of our QC@3 hosts. Who will it be? Kristen, Cheryl or Dedrick?