Daytime Emmy Awards Tonight At 8:00 PM On CBS

The ladies from The Talk tells us what we can expect to see on tonight's Daytime Emmy Awards.

Tonight on CBS you can catch the daytime Emmy awards, hosted by the ladies of The Talk. But just like pretty much everything else this year, things are going to look a lot different. Yesterday Jonathan got a chance to talk to two of the ladies about what we can expect to see. Carrie Ann says this year’s Emmy awards was a group effort. She says as they’ve gone into this COVID stage, they do things virtually from home. She says they are their own crew, lighting director, catering services, hair, makeup, whatever it is, they do it. Carrie Ann says they worked with the producers to turn their at-home studios into a cool new evening vibe for the awards ceremony. 

We didn’t get to show the whole interview due to some time constraints but we did learn about some of the presenters. They include Wayne Brady and Kelsey Grammar and many others you see on daytime TV.