Delivering Happiness: South Charlotte Boy Is Following In The Footsteps Of His Hero

It started with this picture below, a 3-year-old boy who lives in Charlotte and a local UPS driver. We do want to note both UPS and the family tell us this picture was taken before the North Carolina mask mandate.


Three-year-old Asher Mason has a plan for his life.

The little tyke from south Charlotte wants to be a delivery driver. At least that’s what he would say if you asked him today.

3 year old South Carolina boy

In a way, though, Asher is already making deliveries. His dad, Mason, tells us Asher has a pretty tight bond with his neighborhood UPS delivery driver.

Darryl is the driver’s name and each time he rolls into the Ballantyne neighborhood on his regular route, he meets up with Asher to drop packages. The little guy is taking his job seriously, already in his brown uniform, and as you can see by the photos he’s outfitted his mini-vehicle to mirror Darryl’s.

It also sounds like Asher has a side hustle.  His dad says he also likes to catch up with the neighborhood FedEx driver, too, and give him a hand.

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