DIY Pumpkin Decor

October begins this week so it’s time to bust out the fall decor if you haven’t already. You can save some cash making the decorations yourself. Julie Loven is our DIY expert and known as The Effortless Girl. She joined us on QC@3 with some DIY Pumpkin ideas.

THREE PUMPKINS: dryer duct pumpkins, the wood veneer pumpkins, and the paper book pumpkins.

  1. Flex dryer duct pumpkins can be a modern black/silver combo or painted fall colors. Use scotch tape to connect the ends and when you’re done, store them for next year like Slinkys.
  2. Paper Pumpkin made from an old book. Remove the cover and cut the whole book into a 1/2 pumpkin shape (in the same way you would make a paper heart).  Use scissors or a razor knife to cut the pages.  Then crumple the book’s pages in the same way you would crush paper to throw away.  The crumpled pages fill in the pumpkin.  It’s free if you have an old book at home and also a great way to recycle one you would normally get rid of. *After fall ends, close the pumpkin back into a book and wrap a rubber band around it for next year.  It’s really easy, the cutting takes time but it’s not hard.
  3. Wood Veneer Pumpkins are made from strips of wood veneer looped together and glued then stained or painted or left natural.


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