Saving your dryer lint can have an impact on the environment

When you think of composting, the first thing that comes to mind may be rotting fruits and vegetables. You’re not wrong! But you may be surprised to find out what other items around the house can be recycled to make soil – including dryer lint. If going green is one of your goals, getting into this environmentally-saving routine will help make a big impact.

So, composting – what’s the point and how easy is it to get started? We asked the expert. Charlie Hyland with Crown Town Compost shares some quick and easy tips to help incorporate composting into your everyday routine, ultimately helping the planet and local farmers! Earth hug… Let’s break it all down (no pun intended).

Tip #1: Know what is and isn’t compostable¬†

One of the goals at Crown Town Compost is to help educate folks on what can and can’t be used to keep the soil cycle going. Food and vegetable scraps can always be used. We learned that you can also include your dryer lint and certain egg cartons.

Tip #2: You can freeze your food waste until it’s time to compost

Who enjoys the smell of rotting fruits and veggies? Not many. So if you don’t want your decomposing food scraps to stink-up your kitchen or a smaller apartment, the freezer is your friend! (And we know a thing or two about how to eliminate odors.) Frozen scraps will eliminate the odor of rotting scraps until it’s time to take them to the landfill with your other friends at Crown Town Compost.

Saving scraps to help save the environment… Happy composting!

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