It’s Earth Day! Here are several ways you can celebrate and go green

It’s Earth Day! We’ve got several ways you can celebrate and get a jumpstart on going green to help promote a healthy, happy environment for everyone.

1. Common household items you should and shouldn’t recycle 

Jonathan and Kristen break down some things you may have or use around your home and if they can be recycled.

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2. These chocolate dirt cup kits are perfect to make on Earth Day

This kit from Amelie’s includes chocolate cups, gummy worms, a bag of chocolate mousse, chocolate leaves, sprinkles, and gluten-free cake crumbs.


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3. Here’s how to get a jumpstart on composting from home

When you think of composting, the first thing that comes to mind may be rotting fruits and vegetables. You’re not wrong! But you may be surprised to find out what other items around the house can be recycled to make soil – including dryer lint.

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4. These spring garden tips will help your green thumb

We’ve got three tips to help start and maintain a healthy garden. » Find out more 

5. Need help organizing? Here are 3 easy tips including how to recycle and donate

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