This family in Gastonia is on a mission to give back to the community

By Dedrick Russell

Wife and Husband team Chyncia and Micholas Rodgers are on a mission.  They moved from the Washington, DC area back in 2008 to start a new life. They have set up several businesses in the Gastonia area.

“There’s We Talk Podcast Studio,” Business Owner Chyncia Rodgers said. “There’s Mic’s Market and there’s Rodgers Bail Bonding and then there’s Hemp in Everything.”

Micholas says there is a special reason why he made a move.  He wanted better for his family.

“To create a type of generational wealth for my family,” Business Owner Micholas Rodgers said. “For so long, we were raised by a single parent.”

When trying to figure out where to set up shop, it appears Chyncia had a hunch that Gastonia would be the place to invest.

“Everyone didn’t believe me,” Chyncia Rodgers said. “I was like Gastonia is going to be great one day.”

Gastonia is expanding and the Rodgers wanted to be part of the action. They started with a Bail Bondsman business. It was a success and that success helped pave the way for the other businesses.

“If I’m being honest,” Micholas Rodgers said. “You know we have funded mainly a lot of our projects on our own. The bail industry has been great to us. We’ve been blessed.”

In addition to expanding businesses – the Rodgers know serving the community is just as important.

“We realized that giving back to the community,” Micholas Rodgers said. “It fed our soul even more – so helping out the community and giving back through back to school coat drives. We’ve done so much for just the Police Department and Sheriff’s Department and the Fire Department, all of the service workers in the area.”

The Rodgers are very proud of helping the community. Mic’s Market is one of their businesses. It will open soon and it will offer fresh produce, fruits and vegetables to the neighbors.

“This is somewhat of a food desert,” Chyncia Rodgers said. “So we want people that don’t have cars – that walk around these streets – that go get a decent meal and not always have processed food. That’s huge goal of mine.”

The couple loves doing business in Gastonia. They say local leaders are supportive and accessible. They love Gastonia’s small time feel and at the same time appreciate the hunger leaders have to take the area to the next level.

“I want this for my kids,” Chyncia Rodgers said. “I want them to see people waving when they are riding down the street. I want people to love to come in whatever business it is.”

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